connecting two sonance mag 6.1 garden series systems to create 12.2 system.

  • 16 May 2023
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The is a system I looking to buy. It comes with 6 sonance speakers, 1 subwoofer and 1 sonos amp. I am looking to cover an area of around 5000 sqft so I am pretty sure the I can combine the two systems of 6.1 to create a 12.2 to play the same music. 

my question is that can I use the the 12.2 system with only 1 amp, so then I will have 1 amp leftover to use in another area with different speakers. The sonance website mentions that the system can be upgraded to 16.2 with only 1 amp but I want to confirm.




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Hi @Hamzalakhany 

Thanks for your post!

I’m not overly familiar with that speaker system, though I have come across them before. The documentation certainly seems to support the idea of connecting two systems to one Amp, but I would seek clarification/confirmation directly from Sonance first, if it were me.

Having said that, Amp is capable of protecting itself, so if you were to try connecting two speakers systems to one Amp and you were to hear the volume lower suddenly (and with higher volume levels in particular), that would be the Amp doing what it can to avoid damaging itself. If this happens, a second Amp could be connected and the two Amps grouped together in the app would result in all 16 speakers playing together.

I hope this helps.


The Mag6.1 runs 4 speakers in parallel per channel (3 speakers plus a sub coil) all 8ohms, so it’s already at 2ohm per channel for the amp. To mix two sets together for a single amp would bring you down to 1 ohm and the amp would have a much higher chance of having problems. 

My head is spinning. I think that the spec sheets and discussions are very misleading. Some system images show a subwoofer, but the description only discusses satellites. Some of the systems include a subwoofer amplifier, others indicate that the subwoofer is an 8-Ohm speaker. It was not clear if there was a crossover between satellites and sub.

My best read is that the satellites are 30-Ohm speakers and the passive subwoofer is 8-Ohms. This implies that four satellites in parallel are about 8-Ohms. Adding a passive subwoofer brings the impedance down to 4-Ohms and this is the limit for the SONOS Amp.

If a dedicated subwoofer amplifier is used, six satellites per channel and a subwoofer could be connected to AMP. Potentially (depending on its specs) a second passive subwoofer could be added to the subwoofer amplifier.

If the subwoofer amplifier can accept AMP’s subwoofer output, this would be my preferred configuration. AMP would provide the crossover.

The manual for the MAG6.1 says 8ohm nominal , which is typical. I think the Sonance speakers that are NOT MAG are different ohms entirely. The MAG6.1 are cheaper and probably use off the shelf components. 

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I do not think combining speakers like this wil technically give you “a 12.2 system”. Technically “12.2” is not about speakers, but about channels, placing diffferent sounds in speakers/parts of your room. At least that's how it was explained to me.

Yes it’s not a true 12.2 … in this sense I think we all just mean 6 or 12 speakers and 1-2 subs on 1 or 2 actual channels. I hope no one is expecting 12 discrete channels from this.  It’s listed as a 6.1 but yes the amp makes it a 1.1 or 2.1 just with extra speakers