Connecting a 2nd receiver to the Sonos system

Hello -- I’ve got a Sonos system with a port, a playbar, and 4 individual Sonos speakers.  The port is connected to a receiver so I can play Sonos content over speakers, and also to a CD player.  The playbar is connected to the t.v., and I can play t.v. audio through both the playbar and the speakers if I choose.

I’ve got a 2nd receiver, and a 2nd pair of speakers I’ll be setting up in another room.  Is there any way for me to connect this 2nd group to my overall Sonos system?

cheers, Cheryl

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Just add another Port to the 2nd receiver, then you can group all the rooms.

Another option might be to use a SONOS AMP rather than a 3rd party receiver.

@Pools-3015 Thanks -- that’s what I thought; wasn’t sure if I was missing something

@buzz  Yes, that makes sense, but I’m irrationally attached to my old receiver 😁