Connect to Sonos Port Remotely (Not on WiFi Network)

  • 1 December 2022
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I recently installed a Sonos Port to an Amp to control my speakers out by my pool. I can play music via SiriusXM on my ipad so long as I am connected to my wifi network. 

There is the issue. I was thinking that playing music and accessing the system via the sonos app would work remotely being the port is linked to my wifi network. Is that not how it works? Do you have to be on the wifi network to be able to start playing music? I wanted to be able to turn the speakers on for someone even if I wasn’t home. 




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There is no remote access, you need to be on the same network, and the same subnet.

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Two possible solutions/work arounds for this:

  • use a VPN to connect to the home network (I personally know nothing about how to do this); or
  • use Spotify connect.

The last option uses a bug/feature in Spotify connect, where the connection between a phone and a speaker will stay live even if the phone leaves the network. The connection will be broken when something else is being played on the Sonos device though.