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I moved to a new house and reconnected my Sonos Connect.  It required a firmware update and I updated to new app.  However, I’m not longer noticing the autoplay feature in the Connect.  Is this feature gone now?


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Hey @chriszim,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for your post.

Please excuse the delay in responding. The Autoplay feature is not currently available in the Sonos app, but will return in a future update.

Sort it out Sonos.  

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They just told you they will sort it out?

“In a future update”.  I mean sort it out now.  It was there and my system is set up to use that feature.  

Sonos has a list of bugs and missing features with estimated return dates. This missing feature is not listed, might be a while before it is brought back.

Just bought a Sonos Move 2 for use with a turntable and now we have to connect it after each side of a record finishes...very poor to say the least…
Any idea if or how can we uninstall the new app and revert to the old app?

Hi, is there a way to turn the autoplay off? I’ve updated to the new app, all was good for me, I’ve changed my setup in the meantime and now each time I turn on turntable, it start playing on a speaker that’s in an unrelated place now. I’d really love to avoid a factory reset, is that the only choice? 

The AUTOPLAY feature should return asap! My kid can not longer autonomously play his vinyls without me needing to allow it in the phone app. Really annoying....

When is this "future update" expected? Thanks.

Why oh why remove functions … even if “temporarily”?  My wife depends on Autoplay to watch TV and is VERY unhappy with ME when it doesn’t switch over for her. Now that makes ME very unhappy with SONOS. At least warn us if an update removes a function or feature so we can be forewarned!

Is there some way other than using the App to set Autoplay?  Like a web interface?

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It’s ridiculous we have to wait two months to be able to configure our system.  I don’t have much confidence it will be much better by then either.  How in the world did Sonos get here?  It was successful because it worked.  Now, it’s turned into an unreliable nightmare.  Why roll this out now?  If it’s for the headphones, you just sunk the company on it.  What a good decision.