• 15 February 2023
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i have a Sonos amp connected to a pro-ject turntable with B&W speakers and cannot stop speakers buzzing. Pre amp is connected to turntable as is grounding wire.


Am I doing something wrong?


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Does the buzzing go away if you disconnect the pre-amp audio cables from the Amp?

Connect it back and try disconnecting the turntable from the pre-amp.

Connect the turntable and try removing the cartridge carrier from the tone-arm.

Hopefully one of these steps will have stopped the buzzing and you know where it is starting.

I’d start by trying different audio cables for the connection the noise is starting at.

If it isn’t an audio connection issue looking at the power would be next.

If you don’t have all three on a single power strip you might try that as the next step.

You can also try things like flipping (one at a time) power plugs in your sockets. Sometimes it is an iffy power/grounding issue.



thanks for the response. Yeah the buzzing stops if I unplug the speaker cables from the pre amp.

it’s not a loud buzzing and only happens with the volume up, but there’s no buzzing when the TV plays through them, only the turntable.