An artwork question that's different to the norm..

  • 1 October 2020
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Issue l am having involves a single album artwork. All other artwork for the +3000 albums are fine. The issue is that for this single album the artwork doesn’t appear on the Ipad app. I have added the .jpg within the folder and correctly named it ‘folder’. It is within the parameters of resolution size. I have replaced the artwork with an entirely different .jpg and still doesn’t appear. I have also removed the album folder from the iTunes library, deleted it from iTunes and then updated the Sonos music index. Once that has updated l have added album to iTunes again, updated Sonos but still doesn’t appear. 

There is nothing particularly unusual about album other than a single track lasting over 15 minutes but l have other albums like that and the artwork appears with no issue.

Ideas anyone?



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4 replies

You seem to have done all the sensible troubleshooting steps so I have to speculate a bit. 

Artwork also embedded in individual file metadata? Or not?

Duplicate tracks and it's picking up the wrong one?

And I assume same file format as other albums?


Thanks for your messages John. I’m not particularly tech minded so don’t understand your question about metadata. I can confirm that the artwork is in the folder that l added manually and the album was not a download but a physical copy from a CD. 
Not a duplicate track or duplicate album name.

And yes it is in the same format .jpg as all other artwork.

I meant music file format.  

There is a lot of info stored in a music file - album name, artist, track name etc. There is a slot for album art to be stored as well.  I wondered if that differed in some way in your problem album. Or maybe a different file type was handling it differently.