amp will not go past volume 70. cuts out after that

  • 23 March 2024
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i have an amp connected to 4 sets of in ceiling speakers that was working great and now suddenly when I put the volume past 70ish the sounds cuts out. When I unplug the right banana clips I can go up to 100 volume.  I understand this to be a safety feature so the amp doesn’t break beyond repair but I can’t fathom what has happened to the right cables to cause this issue. We had some construction work done and new lights installed but I don’t see how it could be related.


Does the community have any ideas what the issue is in the connections/cables to cause this?


thanks in advance for the help


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4 replies

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Sounds like wire damage or a disrupted connection to one of the speakers.

Best bet is to grab a multi-meter, set it to Ohms and start comparing the left and right wiring.

Mice or squirrels?

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All too easy for a contractor pulling lighting power runs to snag a speaker run. Made even more likely as far too few speaker runs are properly run, anchored or connected.

Thanks all. Turns out some of the wires in the walls that connect to the volume dials/switch on the wall had come out so had to rewire those and I am back to all the speakers working.