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  • 9 July 2023
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Hi and thanks in advance! Currently buidling a home and have loved my Sonos 1 but want to have the in ceiling sets in the new home. I’ve read about how the amps work and have read multiple threads and still not exactly sure what my best option is. 

I want to have a set in my living room, another set in dining room and another set in my kitchen. 

Do I need a seperate amp for each location? Very rarely will I want to play all locations at the same time. Ive read you can only control the volume for all of them but can you pick a certain set that are playing and another set that is off/muted?


Or do I need to just purchase 3 amps? I read some articles that talked about using the Monorprice but that is over my head a lil


Thanks in advance!


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Each Amp acts as one zone, meaning all speakers wired to a single Amp will play the same content at the same volume. If you want each room to be a separate zone, you need three Amps.

Here is a guide to what speaker wire to use with the Amp: