Albums in ‘My Sonos’ keeps skipping tracks

  • 30 March 2022
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When playing albums from ‘My Sonos’ in the S2 app tracks keep skipping. Tracks only skip when playing from ‘My Sonos’ . Also I don’t see the HD/UHD flag nor the music source (I.e Amazon) in albums stored in ‘My Sonos’. 


Best answer by Mike_Walters 31 March 2022, 10:07

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3 replies

Hi Mike,

The tracks/albums/playlists saved to ‘My Sonos’ are mere shortcuts/links back to their original source, which presumably is the Amazon Music online service, as you briefly mentioned that MSP.

The Sonos speakers receives the audio from the Amazon servers - so assuming your internet connection is okay I would perhaps take a closer look at the local network. Perhaps try these few things:

  • If relevant, maybe try a different ‘fixed’ 2.4Ghz WiFi channel (1, 6, or 11) and use a channel-width of 20MHz only, or if running on a SonosNet connection (with a device wired to your router), try a different SonosNet channel via the Sonos App ‘Settings/System/Network’ .. just ensure that the chosen SonosNet channel and your routers 2.4Ghz WiFi channel are set at least 5 channels apart.

Hope that resolves your intermittent streaming dropout issues.

With regards to the ‘badge’ quality of the audio seen in the Sonos App from Amazon Music, you may find this link useful:

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…Also I don’t see the HD/UHD flag nor the music source (I.e Amazon) in albums stored in ‘My Sonos’. 

Unfortunately, the visual HD/UHD/ATMOS audio badges for Amazon Music only appear on the Sonos app Now Playing screen and not anywhere else within the Sonos app.

Similarly, for Albums stored in ‘My Sonos’, the music source (ie. Amazon) is only evident once you click through to the album, which takes you to the track view. The actual music service icon is then displayed by the artist name.

Maybe in future app updates, the audio badge will appear in more locations, such as Search results, My Sonos etc as it would enhance the Sonos app for the user 🤞🏼

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Hi Ken, thanks for your reply. It’s odd because I deleted the album from my Sonos and the added it again. Now it plays perfectly. It also played perfectly when playing directly from Amazon Music via the app so maybe first time I added it from another music streaming source.