Advice on connecting Sonos to wired speakers - indoor and outdoor

  • 3 June 2023
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We have three sets of wired speakers - 2 sets outdoors and one set inside.  They are connected to our Sonos system using Connect with an old Denon receiver.  We would like to replace the receiver or use another option recommended.  We only play music and would like to be able to control the volume on the wired speakers separately by set.  Can anyone recommend a receiver or if we should use the Amp with a second Connect?  Thank you!


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4 replies

Honestly, I’d set up each stereo pair/zone with its own Sonos Amp, which would give you individual control over each of them, volume, music choice, etc, all using the Sonos app. In my mind, it’s easier than trying to go through the other ‘amplifier’. Costs a tad more initially, but easier to use in the long run. 

Thank you!  So we wouldn’t need the Sonos Connect at all if we did that? Just an Amp for each pair of wired speakers?  Appreciate the intel!


Yup. As I said, more investment up front, but ease of use and happiness ongoing. 

You could resell the CONNECT and Denon receiver, if desired, but I’d wait until everything was set up the way you want, just in case. Or, you could leave them installed for one ‘room’, and go with the Amps for the other two rooms. Effectively the same as my initial suggestion, control wise. 

Thank you!