denon avr-1912 + Sonos Play:1 + wired subwoofer/rear speakers

  • 18 February 2015
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I want to start adding Sonos speakers to my home theater set-up and would like your advice. I have a Denon AVR-1912 receiver and a Sony Bravia LCD TV. I would like to replace my center speaker and two front speakers while continuing to use my "wired" rear speakers and subwoofer.

I am hoping that I can accomplish this by purchasing a pair of PLAY:1 speakers, a Connect and a Playbar. Will this work? Will there be a lag? Do I need additional components? Thank you for your advice!

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4 replies

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Only CONNECT:AMP with your own (passive) speakers will work as rears for surround sound, not possible with the standard CONNECT.
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the absolute only way to do 5.1 surround with Sonos is to use the playbar as your center left and right speakers. A connect:amp could be used to power your rear wired speakers. But there is no way to have the .1 except with a Sonos sub. In a non-5.1 system with all working in stereo it could be done your way.
I'm getting the impression I'd be better off just ditching my system entirely (the receiver, subwoofer and rear speakers) and just going with a brand new Sonos system...or does anyone see an advantage to trying to work in any of those aforementioned legacy components?

The way I see it, using my current system means I'd need to get the Sonos Playbar, Sub and Connect:Amp (which leaves me without the sweet portable Play:1s I'm coveting to move to other rooms when we want music there) ...

OR, for the same cost, I start from scratch, bypass the receiver and get the Sonos Playbar, Sub, Boost and a pair of Play:1s. 

Thoughts? What am I missing?
Just curious what you decided to do? I am struggling with the same decision. I may ditch my receiver, but my TV doesn't output a 5.1 audio signal from the optical output, so I need an alternate input into the Playbar. Thus, I'm thinking I may try to use an HDMI audio extractor which will take the HDMI signal from my xfinity HD DVR and extract the 5.1 audio for use on a Toslink optical cable and still send video to my TV on HDMI. The Toslink cable will feed the Playbar. Plus, there are HDMI audio extractors for $30-$45 which accept 3, 4, or 5 HDMI inputs and provide a remote control to select which input is active. Then, I could input a DVD player, Chromecast, and any other HDMI component to the inputs of the HDMI extractor and have the 5.1 audio from any input go to the Playbar. Lastly, instead of putting my receiver in storage, I may use it to drive my wired outdoor speakers. To play the same music on Sonos as I would play outside on wired speakers, I'm thinking I'll get a digital optical splitter so the Toslink from my HDMI audio extractor can be split into 2... one side going to my Playbar and the other to the input of my receiver. I fear my sonos music may be delayed slightly as compared to the music playing outside, but that's ok (or, maybe the lip sync delay on my receiver can be adjusted to force a sync). I'd appreciate comments from anyone who reads this... I'm about to make my Sonos purchase and I'l love to hear if my PROPOSED setup has a fatal flaw somewhere that I'm missing.