Which Sonos speaker to use with Audio Technica AT-LP60

  • 19 November 2020
  • 1 reply

I have an Audio Technica AT-LP60 with RCA cables that I want to setup with a Sonos system. I have the playbar but don’t believe that is an option. If not, what speaker should I purchase? Is there a Sonos system that can be connected with the RCA cables?

1 reply

If you want to stick with RCA form factor, the the Port is the device to connect a line level input to. Does that turntable have a built in pre-amp? If not, you’d need to put one between the turntable and any Sonos device you choose. 

Many people choose to use a Sonos Five instead. It has a 3.5mm line in, so different cables are necessary, but for the price, you get both the line in and a great speaker.