Playbase connected to TV and Phono Simutaneously

  • 6 November 2020
  • 3 replies

How should I go about connecting a phono player to the Playbase with only one optical input? Do I get a DAC and a 2x1 optical switch to plug my TV and phono (from the DAC) into and then send the output of the 2x1 optical switch to my Playbase or am I overthinking this and there’s an easier solution like the Port?

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3 replies

The DAC/optical switch would probably be much less expensive. Your alternatives would be a Port, an Amp, or a Five, all of which have an analog input, so you wouldn’t need the DAC.

If I go the route of the port, how does that connect to the playbase? Is that just connected to the playbase over WiFi?

It connects either wirelessly, via your WiFi or SonosNet, or via your Ethernet connection, of you have both devices cabled.