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  • 1 November 2017
  • 4 replies

I really enjoy listening to music through my Sonos speakers but it is not always practical to do so (Sometimes others in the house make a lot of noise, sometimes there are collitions over who wants to listen to what - I was enjoying listening to music in the bedroom then my wife wanted to watch tv.)
Also, I live in an apartment so when I want to hear some music at a louder volume, I need to use headphones or do so at a time when teh neighbours are not around.

Having a sonos headset that could be connected just like another set of the speakers would be great - They could appear to the controller the same as any other speaker (except for the name and perhaps add them to a room called "roaming")

Ideally they would be wireless, over-the-ear style, have the same sonos control buttons on the side (Volume, Play/pause/skip), and possibly be noise cancelling. They could operate just the same as any speaker.

For the same sound quality that I am used to with the Sonos range, I would pay between $200 and $300 for a set.

What do others think?

4 replies

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Hi there, lesterville. Thanks for the detailed feature request! I'll be more than happy to forward this along to the team. We certainly appreciate your feedback.
I have a SONOS system in my home, including a CONNECT. I have difficulty hearing television at the volume others are listening. Additionally, I cannot clearly hear people speaking on the TV. I am considering the Sennheiser RS185 as a solution. Will this receive digital audio from the SONOS CONNECT and transmit to a wireless headset ? Is the volume independently controlled so I can listen to one volume while the other speakers are set to another volume. Please advise. Thank You.
Just like a silent disco!!?? Excellent idea!
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With two kids in the house with different taste in music this would be great!


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