Voice Calls on Sonos

  • 29 November 2021
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There have been previous threads addressing voice calls on Sonos; however, it has been two years since any threads regarding voice calls have been open. I think with the addition of the generation 2 Sonos One device that inherently supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa it is time for the development team to take a look at enabling voice calling on the Sonos devices that support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. I think the community and consumers would react very positively to the addition of that feature, but would also appreciate justification if it is not possible for that feature to be developed at this time.

6 replies

2 years since any new threads on the subject tells me it's not that pressing an issue for the vast majority of users.  I know I'd never use it.

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All of those it-would-be-nice-to-have-features require memory. Since Sonos is a speaker manufacturer first I’d rather see further development in their core area. Say for instance a modified Sonos One SL with upward firing speakers to compliment the Arc and Beam Gen2 for Atmos.

I completely agree that we need Google Assistant voice calling.  I used this all of the time on my Google Nest, and was very disappointed it didn’t work on the Sonos One 2nd gen that I just set up.

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For balance on this thread, I’ll say that it’s not something I want or would use. 

I don’t know for sure, but I get the impression that Sonos has made an internal decision not to chase after voice assistant features that are not related to music playback.  These features are always changing and adapting and set at a pass that Amazon and Google can keep up, but Sonos cannot.  They will forever be behind on features. Even if Sonos did get voice calls going, Amazon and Google could change how it works the next week and would not at all be concerned about it working on Sonos.  They did try and keep up for awhile with features like annoucements, but I don’t think they have adding anything else in the past couple years.

Perhaps Sonos development efforts are better spent on their own products and services, and voice assistant if the rumors are true (although that surely won’t have voice calling either).



Sonos make multiroom audio systems which can be controlled by certain proprietary voice control systems: Google, Alexa and to a much more limited extent, Siri.  Sonos do not make Google, Echo or Apple devices.  Anybody who expects to find all the features of the ‘native’ voice assistant devices on Sonos speakers has misunderstood the nature of the product and is destined for disappointment.

You have to look at the whole package, including sound quality, flexibility, range of services etc.  And accept that they all have certain limitations.