Suggestion: Connect unit fit for 2019

  • 10 November 2018
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It's time to give the Connect a much deserved update.

  • Hardware seriously outdated. I mean has it even been changed at all since 2005?
  • Too big. Should be no bigger than a Chromecast.
  • Too expensive. Should cost way less than a Play:1. Probably around €50.

Digital/analog 3.5 output. USB powered. Exactly like a Chromecast Audio but for Sonos.

Guys, it's almost 2019. This needs to happen.

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3 replies

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They updated the Connect Amp to the Sonos Amp, not smaller, is shorter, not cheaper.

Connect Amp Dimensions - H x W x D
3.50 x 7.28 x 8.15 in. (89 x 185 x 207 mm).

Amp Dimensions - H x W x D
2.52 x 8.54 x 8.54 in. (64 x 217 x 217 mm).
Agree with dipp0 except it needs to keep the wired Ethernet port. The Connect is used a lot by Systems Integrators who need to hide devices in equipment closets where there is too much radio interference and/or too little Wi-Fi signal. You may have noticed even the new Amazon Echo Link has a wired Ethernet port.
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And yes, the Connect was updated just last year to have a new wireless card (changed from old Mini PCI to Mini PCIe). It's unknown if other changes were made, though you're welcome to browse the FCC docs yourself and compare the internal photos of the two to see if you find anything.

Test documents submitted to the FCC for the updated Connect were released in March 2017. Apparently Sonos feels that the Connect is more than sufficient as it is, and sees no need to change it.