Sonos with B&O speaker Beolab 20

  • 7 November 2021
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I’d like to connect my Sonos system to B&O speaker Beolab 20 (2 pces).

Should I rather use a Sonos Connect or should it be a Sonos Port ?


Thanks a lot for your support.



2 replies

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Either the Connect or Port will work. But if you want direct AirPlay support, go with the Port. If you go with the Connect, be sure to get the Connect (Gen 2) if you want it to be compatible with the Sonos S2 app.

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A recent thread here about a BeoLab owner who swapped their Connect for a Port and ended up with line-out audio cable hum: (also references an older post with the same issue)

That said, I think AirPlay support is worth the potential “risk” of the Port.  I would not *expect* problems, but if you get hum, using an optical TOSlink cable will avoid it. (Optical requires daisy-chaining the second BL20 to the first, as described in its manual, pp.6&8.  Also must set the Port to “variable volume out”, which purists may argue about, but you are unlikely to notice. And an inexpensive coax-to-optical converter for the Port’s digital out jack, which is unlikely to cause any problem either.)