Sonance Outdoor Speaker Mounting Issues

  • 6 August 2019
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Be aware that if you are planning to purchase the Sonance Outdoor speakers (great speaker btw) and plan on using the Omnimount 15.0C (rated as able to hold speakers up to 15 lbs) as is suggested in the speaker documentation, it will not work. The mounting plate is too large for the recessed area on the back of the speaker, and the threaded bracket tip is too large to be screwed directly into the threaded holes on the back of the speaker.

The Omnimount 10.0C (rated as able to hold speakers up to 10 lbs) will also not work. The mounting plate here is too small and the holes do not line up with the holes on the back of the speaker and while the threaded bracket tip will screw directly into the threaded holes on the back of the speaker, the bracket arm itself is way too short to use with these speakers.

6 replies

What did you end up doing? Any recommendations? Was googling on how to mount the Sonance Outdoor speakers to Omnimount 15.0 W and ended up here.

I wound up using 4 metal washers for each screw between the back of the speaker and the Omnimount 15.0C mounts. It’s not the most elegant looking thing but it does work, although I would have preferred that the mount attached flush to the speaker back like they were advertised. 


Have you communicated that to the Sonance folks? Sonos is only a reseller of their products, and it is unlikely that Sonance dedicates someone to read Sonos’ forums. 


Moderator Note: Sonance Contact Us info

In fact I first contacted Sonos. I was told they do not manufacture the speakers, so I should contact Sonance.

When I contacted Sonance, they said that they only manufacture the speakers, and do not / did not recommend any particular mount, but they did in fact admit that the documentation was incorrect.

I contacted Sonos a second time and this time, THEY confirmed that the documentation was incorrect.

If you are keeping track, that’s 3 phone calls, with no resolution. :)

Heh, well, at least you tried to get the appropriate information to the right people. Sorry you were frustrated. 

Im not really sure how deep the relationship between Sonance and Sonos is, there’s certainly some contact, since Sonos resells their speakers, and has allowed ztruePlay to work on at least one of Sonance’s speakers. But I am not sure how much communication can be passed from the community moderators here to the team at Sonance. If it’s greater than zero, I have confidence in the folks who moderate this forum that they’ll do their best to pass on the info, but I’m worried that it is zero. In which case we have to hope Sonance folks do indeed read these forums. 

And I’m sorry you had such difficulty. I’ve thought about Sonance off and on, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. 

The speakers themselves are great with the exception of the “low volume” issue which can be found on the forums.