• 23 February 2020
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I just bought a Sonos 2 Pack at Costco and Not pleased at all.

Im ready to return it.

I discovered that both power cords do not make good contact with either speakers, and moving them they lose power. I have to position them correctly on a counter for them to get power .

Also, it was kind of strange that the power cord does NOT go in deep enough for the cord to go through the ‘Channel’ at the bottom of either speaker. And, it won’t sit flat because the power cord does not go in far enough for the feet of the speaker on all four corners to sit flat.

Trying to set up the first speaker, and having issues, I tried the power cord from the second speaker with the same result.

Im really disappointed.

I shouldn’t have to move it around trying to make contact with the power cord to get it to work.

4 replies


The power cords on Sonos speakers fit really tightly.  I suspect you just haven’t pushed them in properly.

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You are just not plugging the power cords all the way in. You can just push a bit harder and they will snap in flush.

A second option if you fear pushing as hard as needed is to spray some dry (powder in a solvent not oily) silicone lube on a Qtip and lightly coat the socket and cord being careful to not get it on the conductors. Don’t try and spray or drip it on, you’ll get too much and likely in the wrong place.

I had a similar problem with Sonos One. I also notice other users had same problem with Sonos Arc. Before I came across the reply from Stanley_4, I experienced three issues: 1) my Sonos speaker wobbled as it did not sit flat on a surface; 2) it took a long time to connect to my anrdroid device after I moved it; and 3) the cord slid out every time I moved the speaker. All three problems proved to be due to my being too timid when I initially pushed the cord into the groove in the bottom of the speaker. Consequently, the speaker did not sit flat on a surface (i.e., it wobbled) and the connection was loose. All three problems were solved after I pushed the cord really hard, forcing it into the groove, and ensured it is completely flush) with the bottom of the speaker so that it sits flat on the surface.