how to connect beam to projector

  • 17 October 2021
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I am looking for advice how to play my firestick from my projector and play the sound out of my beam? Attached picture of Epson acer projector and bi directional switch I bought. 




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The Beam needs HDMI-ARC. The projector does not provide it, so the switch won’t help. Optical could be a only solution here, though I do not see it in the picture of your projector. Or you could look into using the HDFURY Arcana.

Cool ; really appreciate your guidance here and thanks for replying. I am just about to order this from Amazon so hopefully it works.

Thanks again 


That should certainly allow you to send a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal via optical to the Beam using the adapter the Beam shipped with. You won’t get Atmos, as a caution.

And still there’s the issue of running all the cables, from where the projector is, to where the Beam is. A long optical cable might be doable, but they’re in different areas of the room, the projector usually behind you, and the speaker normally underneath the screen.  Not terribly close. 

I’ve used 45 foot Blue Jeans TOSLINK cables with PLAYBAR.