customer support is it always this difficult

  • 29 March 2021
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So I didn't want to have to post on here but I feel it's my only choice as I'm ready for pulling me hair out.


It's difficult enough dealing with a mental illness never mind having to keep calling customer support and emailing them to be fobbed off.

All I want to do is get the items returned because they are no use for what I need.


Despite letting Sonos know of my predicament plus not being able to get to a printer or leave the house I'm promised it will be dealt with. 

It's nearly 2 weeks now, i'm no further forward and this evening I just had an email asking me to print of labels and arrange a collection myself just a generic email.


How difficult is it for this company to understand and do what they say to customers.

I get the feeling they are being extremely difficult with me so I dont return the goods.

 I hope Somone from Sonos sees this and helps as I'm getting rather frustrated by this and for my health it's not best to be in this situation. I just want to return the goods and get my refund.


Had I known this is the expiernce I would have to deal with I wouldn't have bothered.


Other company's have shopped with have been understanding and more than helpfull to help but appears Sonos say one thing on the phone just to get you off it and emailing the CEO gets no response either.


Please help 



3 replies

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Hi @Gamer82 

Is there no one you can

  • Forward the email to
  • Have them print the label(s) for you
  • Assist you with the rest of the return process.

I have no one hence my mental health issues if I had someone to help it would t be an issue. 


It told one thing on the phone and then something else entirely is happening.


Agian when.i asked I was told they would send out labels to me but it doesn't seem to be happening not will they book a collection with the courier and get them to bring the labels .

Dhl and ups do have that faculty as I have had it before from other places.


I've spent alot of money and I just want it returned and thier items back to them so I can buy something else which is Suitable.


Premium products but not premium after care it feels like a battle and it doesn't help when places are in lockdown and I have no faculties to even get my on labels anywhere closes to home even if I tried to leave the flat.


I know not Sonos fault but they not even trying to accomdate despite saying otherwise.


Also what's the point in saying  email our CEO if even he doesn't bother to respond to emails and offer help.i say him more his team As i suspect he won't do it himself but they would be higher level of support than phone or email agents.



What was something I was hoping would help make life a little better has really now only made it more of a hassle and a regret.


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Hi @Gamer82 

Deeply sorry. However I have no other options to suggest.