Connecting my system with Sonos AMP

  • 12 April 2021
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Hi. My system sonos system in living-room is composed by Smart TV, a ONE SL, a Sub-woofer, and two Play 5. And next to the living room I have, outside, a pair of outdoor sonos speakers.

I would like to know if Sonos AMP can help me in the performance of all of this and, very important, if the AMP connects by wi-fi or if it’s only by cable (through the bananas)? 


Best answer by Airgetlam 13 April 2021, 18:55

Yes, the Sonos Amp connects wirelessly to all other Sonos devices.

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5 replies

What purpose would the Sonos Amp perform in your setup? Do you have some additional speakers you’re trying to drive?

The Amp would indeed connect either via a wired or wireless connection to your other Sonos devices, but without knowing what issue you’re trying to resolve, it is hard to recommend it. 

What I want to know if it’s possible to connect the 2 play 5, the One SL, the sub and the 2 outside speakers to the amp via wi-fi and get the best perfomance of the Amp on those speakers

If you’re not driving another set of speakers with the Amp, I’d recommend something other than the Amp, it’s an expensive device. 

I’m not sure what you mean by Sonos outside speakers, Sonos doesn’t make any. They are a reseller, however, of Sonance speakers, which do have outdoor speakers, which can be driven by a Sonos Amp. All Sonos devices can connect to each other via Ethernet, either wired or wireless. You would simply group the disparate rooms in the Sonos controller. 

Outside, I meant outdoor apeakers.

i just wanna know if I can gatther all ny speakers into the Sonos Amp with connect them with wireless system.

Yes, the Sonos Amp connects wirelessly to all other Sonos devices.