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  • 24 May 2019
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Hi Sonos designers,

I would like to request the function to be able to play the sonos stream from my pc through my bluetooth or even wired headphones.

We are in an office, and although the music choice is great and sonos platform works a treat, the general background noise of the office means I end up regularly swapping back to the spotify app/you tube through my headphones.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

4 replies

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Sonos doesn't actually stream through your PC. The Sonos application on your PC is really just a controller, instructing your Sonos speaker to get a stream directly from Spotify or wherever.

Out of curiosity, would your needs be met if there were Sonos branded headphones or a Sonos device/speaker with headphone or bluetooth output?
Hi Danny,

Thanks for your response.

I understand. I use the word “stream” as the office plays music from radio 6/Spotify/fip radio etc. So the music source is always changing. It would be great to be able to listen to it, but requires headphones to block out the office hubbub.

Ideally, this would be possible to use on unbranded Bluetooth headphones (I already have a pair and don’t want to spend hundreds on a new set)
Maybe it could be a Sonos digital plugin that would allow me to connect my headphones to Sonos? I wouldn’t be able to connect to the Play 1 speaker, it’s located too far from my desk.

That's the problem melvimbe was trying to get across. The music isn't playing on your phone at all. The music is playing on the speaker, and your phone is just reaching out to get the information on what is playing. Think of the app as just a remote control, like for your TV. It can be used to tell the speakers what to play, but the actual work is done on the speakers.

Currently the only Bluetooth supported by Sonos is in their newer speakers, and it's only the BLE system, in order to get the speaker connected to your wifi, it can't actually carry any music.
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You can stream from a Connect to BT headphones by adding a BT transmitter to it.