bbc radio 4 rights restrictions

  • 15 November 2021
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15 Nov around 7:30 using Sonos Radio to listen to Radio 4, the program was interrupted with the message ‘due to rights restrictions…….’  There seem to be a number of threads on this subject, but no satisfactory explanation or recommendations.


I have 2 questions:-


  1.  Given Sonos is aware of the issue which they say is the BBC’s problem and that the issue is affecting their customer base, what are they doing to raise the issue with the BBC to find a solution?
  2. As this issue has been running for some years, is there a recommended service for U.K. users to use to listen to BBC Radio4 which does not suffer the same problem?  

3 replies

As far as I am aware this is mainly a question of what the BBC can conrractually broadcast on Internet streams compared with OTA broadcasts. This usually, but not always, relates to sports events. (Around 7.30am on Radio 4 is, as I am sure you know, when the sports news is covered.)

If the problem is geo-location then it is possible that Sonos could ask the BBC to address this but I doubt Sonos can do anything unilaterally 

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I had the same issue this morning. When I switched to Radioplayer as the source the problem went away.

Radioplayer is my default service for BBC stations as it is part funded by the BBC and in my experience I have had less problems when I use it.

I’m sorry but I don’t agree, when the program stops mid sentence of U.K. based BBC presenter it’s not a contractual issue to do with the content.  It’s something technical such as a switch in the streaming service to a server where the content is not licensed.