Add the font changes as options in our preferences

  • 23 November 2021
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The new fonts seem to complement only certain browsers and operating systems, and are a setback on a lot of others, especially on Windows machines. As has been said before, the SE users all need different settings to be comfortable. I'm therefore proposing that this should be made an option in our preferences, or that the design team consider different fonts. It shouldn't be difficult, as this change hasn't affected sites with custom fonts; so please consider this.

1 reply

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The font Sonos uses (Aktiv Grotesk) is part of their brand identity. They use this same font on everything including their app, website, packaging, printed material, and advertisements.

A company’s brand is the foundation of their marketing and advertisement strategy. So a company does not stray from their brand identity.

Read more about the Sonos brand identity here: