Top Tracks on Deezer

  • 22 November 2020
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How do I edit ‘My Top Tracks’ under Deezer?  


Somehow there are a bunch of tracks in their that I don’t like, but I can’t see any way to get rid of them.

The tracks showing in the Deezer site as ‘Favourite Tracks’ appear in Sonos, under the Deezer service as ‘Favourite Tracks’ (all good there)

However, in Sonos under Deezer -> My Music -> My Top Tracks I have a different list of tracks that I want to edit.  I can’t see any matching list in Deezer (using the website).  My Top Tracks isn’t a regular Sonos playlist that I can edit.  Any ideas where this list is coming from?

The real problem is that Deeer is putting these tracks into my Flow...  

3 replies

Tracks in Deezer > My Music > My Top Tracks in Sonos are clearly provided by Deezer based on your listening history.

Flow is evidently trained by a number of factors, but crucially you can hit the “don’t like” button in Sonos to exclude music you don’t want to hear. If you make a mistake the exclusion list can be edited on the Deezer webpage, via Account > Manage My Exclusions. 

Thanks Ratty - good to know.  I wasn’t aware that Top Tracks is populated automatically by Deezer.  So over time, as my listening history changes, it’ll update automatically.  I’ve already marked all the songs I can as ‘Don’t Like’, but Flow keeps suggesting new songs in the same style, so it hasn’t helped much.   

There could be a background process which periodically consolidates the various inputs to Flow, including new ‘Dislikes’, in order to build a new track pool. In other words, have patience. Hopefully Flow will learn from the new instructions in due course.