Sonos One (2nd Gen) installation fails

  • 8 January 2023
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I have been a long time user of Sonos S1 products -- Connect.  After our move SWMBO demanded that wires be eliminated from the new home.  So I purchased a Sonos One Gen 2, knowing that I would either need to downgrade it to work on S1 or I’d have to set up a separate Sonos system. 

I won’t go into the headaches and failure to connect using S1.  I decided to go with a clean installation with the S2 model in hopes that this would work.  In preparation I (a) unplugged the three Connect devices, (b) removed the S1 controller from the iPhone, (c) logged into my Unifi wifi access points to convert them all to 2.4 ghz signal only, (d) powered down the entire system so that access points, router and modem were all shut down and hopefully clean, (e) downloaded S2 controller and (e) rebooted the entire mess.  


S2 controller finds and configures the Sonos One Gen 2, but will not connect to my network with wifi.  Yes, I tried the password several times, including copying it from the password manager that I use.

I am now stumped and frankly PO’ed.  Do we have any words of wisdom from the users here.  Frankly I’m not sure that I want to talk to customer support right now -- even if they were available -- because I probably wouldn’t keep a civil tongue.

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