positioning for a subwoofer

  • 26 November 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a sonos beam, two sonos 1’s and a subwoofer. 
It is currently next to the tv on the floor which is laminated.

what is the best place to put it or is next to the tv ok?

2 replies

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Why not try it in a few different locations, run Trueplay each time you move it, and let your ears decide the best location?

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Subs can be picky about location, depending on the room. One of mine is happy sitting in a corner with the openings facing the walls. In another room similar placement got me boomy sound at some frequencies and it is better flat to a wall a few feet from the corner.

If you have an acceptable Apple device TruePlay is a good idea. Maybe borrow one and try a few locations if you don’t own one.