Help, Connecting to a Sonos Beam Via Apple TV

  • 25 September 2018
  • 2 replies

So we have the problem where we are connecting to an Apple TV and sending a video to a TV through the Apple TV, when we do this it doesn't use the Sonos beam as the sound out put even though that is what we have selected on the Apple TV, please say there is an easy fix for this.

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2 replies


I think I need more information from you in order to build a mental image of your system. What I'm getting is that you have an Apple TV sending video (in what fashion?) to a TV that has a Beam connected to it (in what fashion? HDMI ARC, or optical?)

Does the Beam work properly when you're not using the Apple TV to feed the signal? I'm going to make an original diagnosis without much data or confidence that the signal that you're sending to the TV is not a Dolby Digital signal. Go in to the Settings for the audio in your Apple TV, and make sure that you've got it set to Dolby Digital, and see if that clears up the issue.If it doesn't, please provide more information about your setup, and we'll try to do more diagnosis based on the additional information you provide.

It might also be valuable to double check the audio settings for the TV set, to make sure it's locked to Dolby Digital as well, but that might not be as important based on how the Beam is connected to the TV. What kind of TV is it? Does it have a regular HDMI connection or is it an HDMI-ARC connection?
There isn't a fix. Couldn't get sound to work with my brand new LG TV and my V2 Apple TV. Unplugged Apple TV and BAM everything worked. Sonos response was "call LG". Luckily I realized I don't need my apple tv with my new TV - all Apps are there.but a bit lame IMO. Meanwhile Beam is great.