• 13 January 2021
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I have a TV connected to a Playbar (optical cord) and a Connect Amp (Ethernet connection).  My TV has Bluetooth capability so I connected my Air pods to my TV via Bluetooth so I can listen to the TV without bothering others in the house.  However, the sound still comes out of the soundbar while I am listening with my headphones.  How do I get the soundbar to stop outputting sound while I am listening with my headphones?  Thanks.

3 replies

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If you mute the Playbar, does this also mute the audio in your AirPods? What TV do you have? 

Turn the Playbar down, or mute it. The TV has no idea what’s on the end of the optical connection, so it can’t possibly affect what the TV does.

Thanks for the help.  That worked.  The problem was that both my TV remote and Sonos amp volume controls control the Sonos playbar. So, I had to reduce that to 0 and then use manual volume control on the TV to increase the TV volume.