Work Around on Alexa App download outside US

  • 21 December 2017
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Hi, I have found a work around to download alexa app on my android using US VPN since I'm outside US. I have sign in on my Amazon account as part of using Alexa app and click on skill then search for sonos to link my Sonos One with Alexa App. I enabled sonos then go through discover devices for Alexa app to discover my Sonos One but unfortunately when I click ädd Device, an error occurred saying Discovery failed.
When I check my sonos app, the voice services the message is still not available in my country.
May I ask help if my set up requires a separate alexa device like echo dot to connect or discover my Sonos One or is there another work around to enable my sonos One with ALexa skill.
I both tried discovering my devices using the US VPN as well as my local wifi, signing in, on my sonos account on both occasion when I click the skills under Alexa App for sonos .

Hope somebody could help to break this last obstacle on getting my sonos one get alexa skill.

thanks in advance.

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