Voice control in Slovakia

  • 16 September 2019
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I purchased Sonos One, but the voice control option is unavailable in Slovakia. Are there any plans to add the voice control [Alexa] for Sonos in Slovakia?



5 replies

Same question from my side - when we will have this function supported in Slovakia?



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Thanks for the requests! I’ll make sure the team knows you’re looking for Alexa support with Sonos there. I don’t have any details I can let you in on, but we’ll announce anything new when we can.

If I was aware this was not available at the time I wouldn't have purchased so many items of Sonos.

Really disappointed

Well similar in my case, this is definitely blocking point for my SONOS collection extension.. it's a pity, I am very satisfied with its quality.

Yes, i wasnt aware of this also.. I can use amazon echo (just change the device location), but with Sonos One i cant use none of the voice services. Really disapointing because the Sonos One is a great product (but 50 € more expensive than the SL version withou mocrophones). I am thinking of returning the speaker.