Voice activation not connecting...Spotify / iHeart radio.

  • 11 June 2023
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Sonos voice activation problem.

I am tearing my hair out over a recent problem described as follows.

I have a very simple system which is a Sonos arc plus subwoofer hooked up to a TV in my lounge, plus a Sonos one in the bedroom. All are approximately 3 years old and I have the Sonos S2 phone app.  These have worked great since new.


Everything works perfectly except voice activation.


Alexa play the Beatles.

Playing the Beatles from Spotify.

But nothing happens.

Alexa play radio 123.

Playing radio 123 from iHeartRadio.

But again nothing happens.


If I select the music x the app, it plays ok.

I have rebooted the router and all Speakers…… no change.

The router is within 1 m of the Arc so connection / speed is very strong. I have reset the Arc by pressing the infinity button and a complete new set up. No change.

If I ask Alexa any questions available from the Internet such as weather, time, general knowledge she performs perfectly.

I have been all over the Sonos and Alexa apps suspecting the connection breakdown here but everything appears to be correct.

If anyone is able to help with my dilemma I will be eternally grateful !



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Are you using Alexa through an Amazon device or through the Sonos speakers?

Did you follow one of these:

I would just try disabling the Sonos Skill in the Amazon Alexa App, wait 30 seconds and then reinstall the Sonos Skill and see if that fixes the issue… it’s perhaps just a case that the ‘sharing token’ has expired and doing the above will renew it.

Thanks Ken…. you are a genius! Such a simple process to correct this problem especially when compared to some of the massively convoluted answers on similar topics.

Perhaps you could add to your answer that afterwards it's necessary to go back to the Sonos app and choose to set up the voice assistant. How many Sonos users do you think understand that a “sharing token” can expire and needs to be renewed?

Sonos make fantastic products of great mechanical design and terrific sound quality. It is tragic that the software is not up to the required standard. Once again many thanks for your help and such a simple answer.

 best wishes Roger