Voice activation compatibility

IF I buy a voice activated sonos will it operate non voice activated sonos speakers?

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Yes. In fact, even an Amazon Alexa device of any type will control any Songs speaker after the appropriate skill is added to the Alexa app.
Many thanks Bruce. Your suggestion would seem to be the most cost effective solution :-)
It worked for me until I could afford a Sonos One. Still does, since I have 3 Alexas scattered around the house, and only One Sonos One :)
I suggest starting with a Dot for a less stressful introduction to voice control. Far too many people are reporting of the need to shout the Alexa word for the Sonos One to respond. In time, Sonos will fix this, but not in 2017.

In addition, Dot had the advantage that you can locate it some distance from any speaker. That gives its mics a better environment in which to work.

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