Using voice control on two Sonos Ones for two different Spotify streams via two Amazon accounts?

  • 1 January 2020
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I’ve just bought two Sonos Ones (2nd gen) and am trying to get Alexa to stream different music from Spotify to both.

The setup:

  • Sonos Ones A and B
  • Amazon accounts C and D
  • Spotify premium family with accounts E and F
  • Alexa default music service set to Spotify for both

Sonos One A is set up to use Alexa via Amazon account C, which is linked to Spotify account E in the Alexa app. B uses Alexa via D linked to Spotify F. In other words, each One is linked to a separate Amazon account which is linked to a separate Spotify account.

At the moment when I ask A to play something it works fine, but when I ask B to play something it starts playing but A stops.

Both Spotify accounts are in the Sonos app. The two Amazon accounts are in a household if that makes any difference. The Alexa configuration seems to be working fine since I can see the expected voice history in each of C and D.

I saw in some older threads that you could only initiate one stream using voice-control, but those threads also said you could only link a single Amazon account to a Sonos account and that doesn’t seem to be true any more, and suggests my setup should work?

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3 replies

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I don’t have an Amazon family account so I can’t test but have you tried starting music via voice on A with C as the controlling Amazon, then asking Sonos One B ‘Alexa, switch to [Account name for D]’ and then requesting different music?

Thanks for the suggestion. I can switch between Amazon accounts, but it still stops the first stream when I start the second :(

I went as far as creating two separate Amazon accounts which weren’t part of my Amazon household and linking them to their own Spotify accounts but it still didn’t work. The whole Sonos system showed up under both Amazon accounts, and when I deregistered the devices I didn’t want from each account then one of them stopped working with Spotify.

Looks like the only option for now is entirely separate Sonos accounts with all the downsides that has.