US vs Canada: Issues with SONOS One in Winnipeg, Canada

  • 20 November 2017
  • 4 replies

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I have a SONOS One in Winnipeg, Canada. So, I had to set it up using (US). Worked great until yesterday. I opened Alexa ( to check my skills, and the app suddenly flipped to and asked me to login. I logged in and it opened Alexa, normally. When I clicked on Skills, the app popped open with a a message saying: The language you selected does not match your Amazon account settings. As a result, Alexa skills are not available. Please choose English (Canada) by selecting "Continue" below. It pops open to Settings instead of Skills. My Location is set as Grand Forks, ND which is my timezone, as it doesn't offer to select Canada. So, now, I need some help to figure this out please! Thank You!

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4 replies

I am having the same trouble. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the Alexa Customer Service (which seems to be focusing on Echo customers a.t.m. since they have no idea that Sonos is a Alexa-enabled device...). In the end, we agreed that this problem stemmed from the inability of Sonos providing language switching ability at this time. Usually under setting -> Sonos, there should be a language setting where you can ideally change to English (Canada), however, it is not there...

My current plan is to wait till Sonos officially support Alexa in Canada (which is early 2018)...

If anyone else has a workaround at this time, please let us know!!!
With Alexa launched by Amazon in India a month prior its release in Canada, we are in the same boat. Sideloaded Alexa US apps revert to Alexa India, with missing Sonos Skills.
And we do not even have the consolation of being told a time frame for when Sonos will work with Alexa, not even the "early 2018" indication. Which, as someone with an earlier experience pointed out, can stretch all the way till the last minute of the June 30, so that may not be much consolation.
Got the same issue but added to that i've got a lot of app installed in my default language : french.
That said I taugh it was a language issue but it seems you guys have the same issue even if your account is in default english. Of course i ve logged in my Amazon us account, got alexa's specialist on the line for evverrr with the impression that they not really know about Sonos one... I think we 'll have to wait until official introduction in Canada.

They'll call me back today - i'll see if they have somthing new .... Keep you posted
Also if you have an, unless you authenticate to you are not able to access your library.