Unresponsive Alexa

  • 19 January 2018
  • 5 replies

Anyone having problems with Alexa responding?
I say Alexa and nothing ?

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5 replies

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My wife is the same way
You'll probably need to provide more information for the community to assist you.

First off, which Sonos speaker do you have? Do you have an Echo of some type, or just the Sonos speaker? Have you gotten through the recommended setup? Was it working before, and has stopped working? Do any commands work at all?

Any additional information you can give us will certainly help in figuring out what the issue might be.
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If you have the Sonos One can you check that the small round white light is still displayed on the top of the unit? If not, you've turned the mic off accidentally 🙂 Just touch the mic symbol to toggle back on.
Just glanced through another thread and noticed peopled having success turning the microphone off and on again. My Sonos has just recently become a bit deaf, so will try this later.
Turning the microphone off and on again did work on my speaker.