Unable to set up Sonos Arc to Announce Ring Motion Alerts

  • 22 April 2022
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I had a Samsung soundbar as well as an Alexa Echo in my living room.  Among other things, I used my Echo to announce when one of my Ring cameras detected motion.

I replaced both the soundbar and the Echo with a Sonos Arc, and I have Alexa integration enabled on it. 

However, I don’t seem to be able to make it so the Ring camera motion announcements would also go through Alexa on the Arc just like it used to on my Echo.  When in the Alexa app, I select the camera I want to hear motion announcements from, but I cannot see/select the Arc to play it.

I am correct in thinking that it doesn’t work that way?

I searched but didn’t see a clear answer.



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3 replies

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Unfortunately, the Alexa app only allows you to choose an “Echo Device” to use as an “Announcement Device” for a Ring doorbell. Even though the Sonos Arc is enabled with Alexa, the Alexa app still classifies the Arc as a “Speaker” rather than an “Echo Device”. I have even tried setting a Sonos speaker as my “preferred speaker” for an Echo device, and the Ring announcement still plays out of the Echo device instead of the “preferred” Sonos speaker.

There’s still a bit of territoriality between hardware makers, both Amazon and Google have things that they reserve for their own devices, rather than extending the functionality to Sonos as ‘enabled’ speakers. 

Thank you all for the confirmation.  I thought for sure that at one time, I had the settings correct to allow for what I was hoping to achieve.  I think that’s the problem with home have so many things feeding data to so many other devices that you forget what the source of that data is.

I guess I forgot what did what!  :)

I’ll also assume that’s why I cannot add my Arc to an Alexa speaker group...Sonos runs on its own.