Unable to open Slacker with Alexa

I just got a Sonos One a few days ago. I can open Pandora via Alexa, but can't seem to do the same for Slacker. I can open it via the Sonos app, but can't use voice command. Is this supported or am I doing / saying something wrong?

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The following services are currently supported via Alexa:

Amazon Music
TuneIn Radio
Pandora (Not available in the UK)
iHeartRadio (Not available in the UK)
SiriusXM (Not available in the UK)

You can initiate playback from any music source, such as local music library, using the Sonos app, and basic playback commands, such as play/pause, volume and skip, will continue to work.
That's a bummer. Hopefully Slacker will be added to the list. Thanks for the info.
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Slacker would need to add themselves to Alexa as a music service in order to be used through Sonos via voice commands. This isn't something Sonos can do.

If you initiate playback through the Sonos controller, you could give pause/resume, stop, and skip/next song commands, but that's about it.
Prior to recently buying my sonos system, I had reached out to Slacker about 2 months ago asking about alexa integration. They stated it was on a potential development list but made zero commitment.

I've been a loyal Slacker customer for many years but to be honest, the lack of Alexa integration or commitment may be a make or break deal for me which I shared with them.

I would encourage anyone else wanting Slacker voice integration via Alexa and Sonos to reach out to slacker and encourage them to get with the competition or else...

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