Time frame for Alexa availability in Canada

  • 12 January 2018
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Time frame for Alexa availability in Canada?

Best answer by Edward R 2 March 2018, 16:08

Hi, all. Alexa has now been rolled out in Canada. Here's how to get it working. Let us know what you think. Thanks!
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8 replies

Sonos almost never releases a road map for releases.
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Why not? Poor PM, poor execution, or is it because there simply is no roadmap? The reinstatement of Audible support has been discussed on this site for the past two years, that isn’t a road map failure!
It has been Sonos policy for years. They would obviously prefer not releasing a timetable rather than publish one and suffer the PR nightmare for missing the date.

Case in point: Audible. They missed the "by Summer 2017" date on that one, and here you are to blame them for it. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
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PR nightmare? What about simply not meeting the statements which they publish here and in ads? Publishing a goal has nothing to do with not meeting it, poor execution is the problem. I can find many published Sonos references to being able to play Audible content and almost as many statements saying, that just like Christmas, Its coming. There is absolutely no technical challenge to publishing an Audible data stream, no additional infrastructure is needed, nor are any hardware changes needed. SOnos simply need to speak to Audible and make the licence arrangement, but they seem slow, or unable or unwilling to make the move.
You seem to wish to argue. I do not. Have a good day!
This kind of disregard for customers bugs me. We are paying customers. Have some respect for us and keep us updated on when we can expect to see the services we've been promised. Is that really too much to ask.
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Hi, all. Alexa has now been rolled out in Canada. Here's how to get it working. Let us know what you think. Thanks!
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Thanks, already installed and working, the best news was that the announcement email also made a commitment re Audible content implementation, presumably in a reasonable timeframe