Summary of limitations of Sonos/Alexa

  • 4 January 2020
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Hi everyone. I need a brief summary of Sonos, Alexa e and Sonos+Alexa limitations.

In a perfect world, I would like a system that can:

  • play multiroom music thru vocal commands
  • play local music (stored on a Synology NAS) thru vocal commands

From what I’ve learned in these days there are the following limitations (if you can confirm this):

  • you can’t put Sonos and Alexa speakers in the same group
  • you can’t play local music (on a NAS) with Alexa. The only solution is Synology skill (not available for my NAS) or My media skill (but it does not support more than 1 speaker at a time and I can’t install it on my NAS since I can’t create a virtual machine)
  • Sonos can play NAS-stored music, but only thru the app and not thru vocal commands

Please tell me if there are other known limitations which are unlikely to be “fixed”.


Also: if I have 2 passive ceiling speakers, attaching a Sonos Amp, can it be activated thru a Echo Dot wirelessly? Does Sonos Amp have any kind of stand by to reduce energy consumption?


Thanks for helping

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