Stream same music/track to multiple Sonos speakers thru Echo/Alexa

  • 9 October 2017
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If your Sonos speakers are not currently in a group, and you initiate a song/playlist on one speaker thru Alexa, and want to add another Sonos speaker, how do you do it? I want to stream the same music to all my Sonos devices even if I add them "on-line" one by one. (I know you can do this if you group them ahead of time in the Sonos app, but.....)

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4 replies

See this link:
Is there any update to this topic? I see the original question was posed ~14 months ago.
Would expect to be able to ask Alexa to play something on an established group of Sonos speakers.
Wow...that's seriously limiting. I was really hoping I could avoid using the app for most cases, but I have Sonos throughout the house so looks like this is not going to be useful for me. So long of a wait for so little. 😞
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Grouping Sonos speakers is not currently possible through Alexa. It needs to be done through the Sonos controller. Whether it's something that Alexa will be able to do in the future, that's up to Amazon and Sonos to work out.