Standard VS. Boost Setup with Alexa (and SmartThings)

  • 1 December 2017
  • 2 replies

So I have my Sonos network setup as standard with all Sonos devices on my wifi network. It's integrated well with SmartThings and Alexa controls. But I've been thinking about switching to the BOOST network to free up some wifi slowness. I can't find anything saying whether a BOOST setup will or will not work with Alexa and/or SmartThings. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks!

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2 replies

Boost setup works just fine with Alexa and SmartThings. I'm running them that way myself.
I also just re-did my setup tonight (added) boost device via a powerline adapter to make it centralized to the house. Was kinda odd that I had to re-add my SONOS account to the Sonos Controller, then re-add all my speakers (Sonos One). Also had to re-authenticate/re-add every app, like Pandora and my local CIFS based music \\servername\music. After going through all that mess I ended up having to remove/re-add to smartthings and alexa apps. Lesson Learned: Connect Boost first if you have it else you will need a couple asprin for the headache.

Aside all those things... Boost works very nicely!

The only complaint I have is with ST not wanting to be more "open" to having the SONOS App "blessed" in the MarketPlace. Its been in the Labs state for a couple years now. Guess the whole Samsung blocking SONOS out for competing speakers is a bunch of junk IMHO. The ST SONOS App could use a lot of polishing too! (Very Very basic features).