Speakers in Alexa Scenes

  • 11 October 2017
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Are there plans to add the speakers to a scene in Alexa?

It would be nice to add them to scenarios. Currently "I'm home" turn my lights on, it would be nice if it started music playback on my sonos speakers too. Same to stop. Currently they do not show under the Scenes tab in the Alexa app.

Maybe Sonos needs to sort grouping through alexa first though?

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5 replies

I have not attempted this yet (simply because I didn't think of it until I read your post) but could you achieve through IFTTT?

Will have to play around with this when I get home on weekend
This is really up to Amazon to provide. Other smart hubs, like the Lutron hub, already include controlling Sonos speakers in their scenes, and have for quite some time. Sonos has provided an open API, not much more they could do in this area.

As far as IFTTT, I'd be surprised if it's not a capability. However, it's not really the solution most customers would be looking for in terms of ease of use.
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Ifttt doesn’t have a Sonos channel. So right now there is no way to achieve this other than with additional third party software (Logitech Harmony for instance).

Therefore with the new Alexa integration, it would be a very easy way to add them.

Just wondering if Groups and Scenes in the Alexa app are on the roadmap for Sonos?
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I can't speak specifically to the roadmap on this one, but there are definitely some really great opportunities in this sort of functionality. The team is hard at work on new features to be added, and I hope you guys like what's next to come. Thanks for sharing your feedback and I'll make sure it gets up to the team.
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IFTTT functionality would be a dream. I'd love my sonos to be more proactive, giving me insight to tweets weather reports. Calendar notifications. I did this for a while via stringify, but as it was done via smartthings, I often found that things would hickup to much.

I'd love to see this in scenes!