Sonos Roam not seen as a Sonos (skill) speaker by Alexa?

  • 14 October 2021
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Sonos Roam added normally to existing Sonos system (several speakers/rooms - all good). Then enabled with Alexa - appears to go fine.

Back to Alexa - all other speakers listed correctly as Sonos speakers (have Sonos skill etc) BUT the roam will NOT discover as a Sonos speaker!

The roam is listed in Alexa devices as “communication” NOT as a Sonos speaker.

Only the roam has this issue.

Any ideas? TIA...


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2 replies

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the Roam in the Alexa app? Can you send a screen shot of what you mean by the Roam is only seen as “communication” and not as a Sonos speaker?

Hi there,

Turns out I’ve got more issues than I thought so I’m going to investigate further:

  • I have a split (S1 - S2) system.
  • Nearly all speakers from both systems are seen as Sonos Speakers by Alexa (not the Roam) but they are marked “off-line” (within Alexa app) so refuse to play anything from voice command from an Alexa dot (and other Alexa devices) I have.
  • I think Alexa is struggling with / confused by the split Sonos system set-up which I had to do a few months ago - too much investment in S1 only Sonos speakers! 

As I say will investigate further - might try dropping the Sonos Alexa skill from Alexa, re-adding the skill and then re-adding the Sonos speakers as smart devices inc the Roam. Fingers crossed.

Several people seem to have found that helps with “odd” issues with Sonos/Alexa.