Sonos One won't play podcasts

  • 24 October 2017
  • 4 replies

Alexa says that she is going to play the podcast and she even describes what it is about, but then nothing plays. I've enabled the podcast player and the anypod skills, but neither one works.

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4 replies

I am having the exact same problem. Using AnyPod skill. Works with echo and echo dot but not Sonos One. No solution.
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So much for "Does everything Alexa does.", huh? I returned all of my ONEs (replaced them with Play 1s) for Echo Dots. 😃
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Can someone tell me how to play a podcast with Sonos One? I've tried everything and can't do it. This Sonos One is getting frustrating.
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Only a somewhat educated reply here....

As of now. It looks like any skill that is not the Sonos skill is unable to play 3rd party audio.

It is unknown if this is a glitch or a restriction.

I am waiting till Flash Briefing support is added November 22nd to see if this fixes this situation.

If the specific third party audio I would like to have (sleepsounds) is not supported once Flash Briefing is added then I will probably return the unit.

No matter what, their website text is currently very misleading.