Sonos One + Sonos Play:1 + Alexa

Should I be able to command the Play:1 with my voice? I have Alexa set up on the Sonos One working fine, but the Play: 1 does not respond.
I have voice services set up on the Sonos One, but there does not seem to be a way to enable it on the Play:1.

****I found a response saying only the Sonos One has a microphone.

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The Sonos ONe has microphones and Alexa. If you have Sonos skill setup in Alexa it should see your play:1.

You should be able to control the Play:1 by speaking to the microphones in the Sonos One but if you want it to control the play:1 you have to say its room name.

ie. like on Sonos ONe I believe you can just say "Alexa play Bruno Mars" and it will play on the Sonos ONe.

lets assume the Play:1 is in room kitchen
If you were to tell the Sonos One "Alexa play Bruno Mars on Kitchen". Then instead it would start playing on the play:1 in kitchen.

If you get an echo or an echo dot (alexa devices) then you would always have to say the room name afterward even to play to the Sonos One (ie. if Sonos One is in bedroom you would have to tell a normal amazon branded Alexa "Alexa play Bruno Mars on Bedroom).

So if you want voice control in room that just has Play:1 you can get a stand alone Echo dot to be the microphone to control music in that room.
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Works for us , we can control the play-5 through our sonos one by adding it’s name one to the command and it works pretty well, also works well with an echo dot. If we could just adjust alexa’s volume independently on the one of the music playback level it would be great!

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