Sonos One SL voice commands

  • 25 November 2022
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I purchased the Sonos One SL two years ago for my sister who has since passed away.  I’m going gift it to my neighbors and need to find some documentation to point them to.  I’ve checked the online manual for the One SL and it makes no mention of the built-in Alexa feature.  Is there another version of the document that I’m missing?  TIA


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4 replies

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The One SL doesn’t have a microphone so it isn’t Alexa enabled. The SL means “speechless”. You need an Alexa enabled device like a One or Amazon Echo device to control the One SL with Alexa.

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Thanks - turns out I purchased a One.  In late 2020, didn't this model have Alexa built in?  If so, can someone point me to the documentation for that generation of the One speaker?  TIA

Alexa is a software feature, not a “built in” to the speaker. It does, however, require a microphone for the speaker to “hear” you speak , unless you’re using some other device to “hear” your voice.

The One does have a microphone (the One SL does not). You’d need to add the voice assistant in the Sonos controller: Settings > Services & Voice > Add a Voice Assistant.

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More on that here: