Sonos one same room as echo

  • 1 January 2018
  • 3 replies

I have a Sonos One in the same room as an Echo Dot. If I understand correctly because of ESP the nearest one should answer on the wake word. Unfortunately very often both answer. Is there any solution?

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3 replies

Change the wake word on the Dot - since this can't be done on the One.
After spending some more time with this I realize my original comment was slightly wrong. It looks like both may hear the wake word but always only one processes it. However it's very flaky. The reason is that the Echo dot seems to be more sensitive and may take over requests from locations closer to the Sonos. That would have been ok if they processed requests identically but that's not the case, so I run into issues like music playing on echo dot which is not what I want and music samples playing on sonos because I have the echo-only amazon music subscription.
I don't want to change the wake word. It would be nice if in the future there are new features including:
- default music service per device
- default music playback location (I always want the echo dot to play on a specific sonos group unless otherwise specified)
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Even with me having multiple dots near each other. When I start speaking you will see both light up. But when I stop talking the ESP will decide and only one then will continue with response. That should be same way with Sonos One.

I can see dilemma though - you want the Sonos One to play music so you ask it to play song and behold the Echo on other side of room heard you and starts playing song you don't want to hear on the little echo speaker.

If Sonos is able to implement link between dot and Sonos unit - theoretically you could link the Dot to the Sonos One and then both the Dot and Sonos One built in would do the exact same thing and play to the Sonos One by default. Hopefully this function they are able to implement as they said they are attempting to.