Sonos One reading Kindle books

  • 29 November 2017
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I have recently purchased Sonos One with Alexa. However when I ask Alexa to read a kindle book she will give a summary of the book and then say sorry something has gone wrong.

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26 replies

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Hello there, Joe8089. Thanks for reaching out and posting to the Community. Does the book you are trying to read from Kindle support text to speech?
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Hi Keith, yes I have checked all the books. Thank you for the reply
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Understood. Do other Alexa commands work on the Sonos One (such as playback control, volume control, etc.)? If you have an Amazon Dot available, does this work as expected with a Dot?
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I only have sonos and other Alexa commands works ie radio stations ,volume contro and weather
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Thanks for testing that out for me. I was able to talk to one our senior technicians about what you are experiencing and we were able to replicate the problem on our end. Although we do not have an estimated time when this feature could be released, I have forwarded this feature request along. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.
@keith will this feature be supported in the future?
I've wasted half an hour trying to get Alexa to read a Kindle book on my Sonos One. When will this be sorted out as it's a feature that I'm very keen to use?
+ 1 to this. Keen to use the feature.
Just received this as a gift and am experiencing the same problem, Alexa will repeat the name and author of the book and then say sorry something went wrong and shuts down, very frustrating !
I also have the same trouble with a Sonos one, and one of the only reasons for getting the "one" instead of another play 1 was so that I could incorporate the married couple of Alexa with the sound quality of Sonos. This is an important feature that would be a deal breaker if not remedied. The Sonos one has to be as good if not better than the $39 dot or $69 echo. Please work on this as many users of this new Sonos product thought that we would be getting a "full featured" product.
Hi! Any news on this subject?
Jaya, I have not heard anything regarding my comment. Are you having the same problem?
Yes, same problem here. I contacted amazon on that subject today. They told me that -at the moment- Alexa is not able to read Kindle e-books on Sonos One but that this feature will be available after the next update. Could not tell me though when this would be. They say that the more users will ask amazon about that feature, the sooner it will be available. In the meantime they told me to use the "Talk Back" feature in the Kindle app that would read out the books on Android Devices.
Hope this helps!
Thanks Jaya. I will reach out to amazon to let them know of my eagerness to have this feature on my Sonos one! Thanks
ahhhhhhh i did not know that sonos one /alexa will not read kindle when i bought it and I think that should have some how been disclosed? Its advertised as the same as alexa? , I am so disappointed. Has is it changed/will it soon?
What will the due date be to implement that sonos reads kindle? I would Love That!:?
Sonos has been saying forever that in their next update the ability to read a Kindle Book would be added. Instead, they added the ability to read an Audible book. Please add Kindle books, too!
So Alexa on Sonos does not have the same skill sets as Alexa on Echo from what I read. Sonos can't read books from Kindle and it can't make phone call or message other Alexa devices. As for controlling other devices like hue lights or thermostats does it also need a eco prime in the house or can sonos on it's own control those? Maybe Alexa on Sonos is not the grown up version of Alexa...Maybe she should be called Lexy (as in Baby Alexa) or Maybe just Alex ( the male version that doesn't listen as well...LOL) How well will they integrate Google home ??????? Maybe it will be Google Apartment instead....LOL
So Alexa on Sonos does not have the same skill sets as Alexa on Echo from what I read. Sonos can't read books from Kindle and it can't make phone call or message other Alexa devices.
Thank you for sharing this. Do you happen to remember where you read this? I misplaced my first generation Echo when I moved. I didn't have the heart to buy another Echo, but my friend got me an Alexa enabled Fire tablet. I successfully connected Alexa to my current system. She plays music on my Sonos speakers when I ask properly. However, the audiobooks and Kindle books play through my device speakers instead of the Sonos.

I'm glad Alexa will read to me on my tablet, but I hope she'll play my books through my speakers soon. I'm excited there's any Alexa/Sonos integration at all. Thank you devs!
Whaaaat. I've spent hours trying to get her to read my Kindle books and now found she just can't. One of the main reason I bought four Alexa enabled Sonos Ones was for each bedroom to allow Kindle playback. Madder than a cut snake. When will this be working?
Hello, as I just learn that the Sonos One cannot read Kindle books, I am very shocked and disappointed.
Also as this thread is more than a year old and there has been no update or progress.
Sonos, can you get real with the community and dont you think is about time to give an update on this.
This product is quite pricey and it does not even cover what the echo dot can?
When can we expect to have this functionality?
Sonos very rarely comments on current projects or timelines, especially those involving developing with third parties. Sorry, but you are probably not getting an answer.
So then they should not be surprised when people stop buying it - I will not buy any further Sonos One, its pointless and totally overpriced for its value as long as it does not do what should be obvious.
@jgatie Thanks for the reply, anyway.
Looking forward to having Kindle E-books played by Sonos One soon, so that I would add more Sonos' in my house.
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Still seams to be a problem. This also is a problem with sonos beam. Feeling🤕 by the sonos support team... Mostly because when you go onto the Alexa app... they are promoting this feature and it doesnt work. Does the term false advertising come to mind?